“They called me Red when I was a kid.” “Was it because you had red hair?”
“No, I read a book.” — ‘Coach on the Cheers TV Show’

   Over the years I have had more than 250 articles published with the greater majority as Scope on the Skies columns for Science Scope Magazine. Below are links to PDF files scanned from the original publication, and represent some of my earlier writings as well as some related articles written by others.

CAA: Constellation Identification; Overkill.ISTA Spectrum. Spring/Summer 1987.
Project STARWALK. Florida Science Teacher. Fall 1987.
Take a Hike; Our sky Clock. ISTA Spectrum. Winter 1987.
CAA: Moon Phaser. ISTA Spectrum. Spring/Summer 1988.
Aunt Nan’s Star and Mars Opposition. ISTA Spectrum. Fall 1988.
Opposition of Mars. Computing Teacher. November 1988.
STARWALK Talk. Winter 1988.
Mars and Jupiter. Computing Teacher. February 1989.
Summer Skies. ISTA Spectrum. Spring/Summer 1989.
STARWALKing into Classrooms.Astronomy Educator. December 1989.
Winter Retrograde of Mars. Earth Scientist. Winter 1991.
Science Sun Activities. CESI. Spring 1995.
Retrograde of Mars. Earth Scientist. Winter 1995.
Home Education. The Web. April 1997.
One of the 7 Best personal Astronomy web sites. Sky + Telescope. February 2001.

   Banner Graphic Credit: “Why People Like to Read”. Pew Internet. 5 April, 2012.

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