Things to Read or Do

Below are links to some of the things I’ve written in the past.
(At some point in the near future I’ll update them all into pdf format)

Aunt Nan’s Star
Uncle Ron bought Aunt Nan a star. Did he get his money’s worth?

Aunt Nan’s Missing Star
Aunt Nan cannot find her star! But now she can see the city lights of Oakdale.

The Geminid Meteor Shower
This often overlooked annual meteor shower offers up quite a display. And its source might just be an asteroid.

Space Explorers That Keep On Going
The venerable Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft are like that rabbit on TV. They just keep on going!

What Is The Shape Of The Earth?
A globe, Mercator map, golf tees, and some sunshine can be used to easily show the shape of our planet.

How Our Moon Has Phases
Use a ’ball-on-a-stick’ on any sunny morning when the waning crescent moon is visible to clearly show how moon phases occur.

An Exploration of the Earth’s Tilt and Seasons
Use the freeware program Sun Clock for Windows and explore how the tilt of the Earth affects how much daylight and night we have each season.
Click here to download the free program. (Scroll to the page bottom for download link.)

Using Shadows To Determine Compass Directions
Shadows, sticks, and the sun can be used to tell directions and time.

Graphing The Changing Length of Day & Night
Graphing the length of day and the length of night throughout the year can reveal interesting patterns.

Shadows and Circumference
Measuring the Earth’s circumference can be done using shadows and angles. No way – yes way!
Just Ask Eratosthenes!

Me and My Shadow
Measure the Sun’s angle above the horizon at midday as the Earth revolves around the Sun. (Also available as a PDF file)

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