ISS and the Twins

   At approximately 9:30 p.m. CDT this evening, 24 April, the ISS, International Space Station, flew over the midwest, and my home. The path took the ISS from the feet of the Gemini twins past the twin star Pollux. From the Twins the ISS flew through Cancer and then headed south toward the horizon where I lost sight of it because of the trees behind my house.
   The image sequence in the slideshow are a series of 2.5 second exposures and the streak of light in each picture is the light trail from the ISS. The last three pictures are as the ISS went behind trees.

moon-crop   The near full Moon and the bluish-white star Spica (Virgo) were toward the southeastern horizon but low enough to still be behind some of the trees.
   Click on the image to see the Moon and Spica.

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