Life in Tornado Alley

   Living in western Missouri near the stateline with Kansas places us in the area of the midwest known as “Tornado Alley”. While we have been very fortunate to not have had any tornadoes close by we have had to deal with the severe weather that accompanies tornadoes – including winds over 50 mph, and like this morning some really heavy torrential rains with thunder and lightning. In the span of less than 30 minutes the creek (aka the ‘river’ as our granddaughters call it) rose over its banks and flooded into the backyard. The base of the creek is at least 3 feet below the bottom of the fence and as the pictures show the water rose more than halfway up the fence and into the yard.

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A 1-minute look at the storm and flooding this morning.

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Under the ‘Hook’

Weather Radar for Mid-West

The mid-west has finally received some much-needed rain. Once the remnants of Isaac moved southeast from where I live yesterday afternoon we have been in the ‘right’ place for the rain that a low pressure system brings. As the low pressure spirals counterclockwise it has kept us in constant rain for nearly 24 hours, as of this posting. Our sump pump is almost working non-stop but is keeping up with the rain fall. That is one nice thing about receiving a lot of rain at one time (for our area) when the time is as long as it has been for this storm. In past storms where we have had similar amounts in just a couple of hours it had always been accompanied with thunder, lightning, and power outages. When that has happened in the past we have also had a flooded basement and backyard when the two creeks overflow. This time despite around 5 inches of rain no problems.