A View From Mars

   I was looking at this picture from the other evening I got to thinking about the Rovers on Mars would see if they looked toward the Earth?

   So as you wonder about that question, here is a look at Mars, by NASA, from last century (I love saying that instead of many years ago!), using data from the first Mars Orbiters. Take a simulated fly over the Martian surface above Mariner Valley and the large Martian volcanoes. Appropriately titled “Mars, the Movie”.

   What would Earth look like from the surface of Mars?
Here is a picture of Earth taken by the Rover Curiosity.

   Here is what it looks like using Starry Night Pro 8+ software to model the view from the latitude and longitude of the Perseverance Rover landing site in Jezero Crater, (18.4446°N 77.4509°E).
(The viewing location is correct however for depicting the Martian surface my software uses a view at the landing site for the Sojourner Rover.)


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