Sun Not In Pisces-2021

  According to the pseudoscience of astrology the Sun enters the constellation of Pisces the Fishes on Thursday February 18th. In fact the actual position of the Sun is still within the boundary of the constellation of Aquarius the Water Bearer, as this graphic shows. The Sun had just entered Aquarius 2 days ago.

   Read a little more about how astrology has the Sun incorrectly placed in a previous blog, and in another blog discussing the effects of precession.


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Moon Uranus!

Click on image to see full size

Click on image to see full size

   Ok, so how can you Moon Uranus? Yeah I know – a sad, and bad joke. Let’s put it behind us.
   Seriously, late this evening, 23 August, the waning gibbous Moon rises within a few degrees from the planet Uranus. Both are within the eastern fish of the constellation Pisces the Fishes as the banner graphic at the top of the page shows. Uranus ‘shines’ at just under 6th magnitude so it is possible to see the 7th main planet from the Sun with binoculars. However the reflected light from the Moon will brighten the sky enough to drown out the dimmer light from Uranus and most other stars in the area making them not visible. So just remember this spot in the sky and also that the Moon rises about an hour later each day and after the Moon is no longer in the vicinity you should be able to pick out the planet.
   Click here to see a simulated star field as seen through 7×50 binoculars with the apparent magnitude for some of the stars around Uranus shown.

   Speaking of Uranus here is a portion of the Orbits performance video showing Uranus and some of its moons.

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