One Perseid Down – Many to Go?

   Between 2 and 3 am CDT I took approximately 300 pictures of the sky around the constellation Perseus. During that time I set the camera on Burst mode with the shutter set to a 10 second exposure time at f4.0; ISO 1600, 18mm focal length, and captured what it was like watching the sky for about 25 minutes in a sequence of 152 pictures.
click on animated graphic to see it full size (1040x693)   These were then put into a short animated Gif so I could share the excitement of watching clouds drift across the sky! My viewing luck usually includes clouds as you can see. Toward the end a bright Perseid Meteor streaks above the treetops and at the very end of the sequence the stars start to fade out as dew collects on the camera lens.

  Using the Freeware StarTrails software I stacked the 152 pictures so they would show the effect of Earth rotation. The North Celestial Pole is toward the left side so the star trails are a bit more circular in shape then those toward the right side of the picture.

Caution: Objects viewed with an optical aid are further than they appear.
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