Supernova 2014J

   Last month I wrote about a new supernova recently discovered in M-82, an irregular shaped galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major the Great Bear. Supernova 2014J has been a challenge for me to image due to either cloudy skies and or very low temperatures. So I turned to a celestial paparazzi’s next best friend – an automated telescope operating in a location where the skies are usually clear. My choice for very easy access and of course a good price (free) is the OWN, Observe With NASA telescope in Arizona. I have written about this stellar opportunity previously in ‘OWN Your Own Astrophotos’, and ‘OWN The Sky’.
   Latest reports suggest that since the supernova has not continued to brighten it may have reached its maximum magnitude which currently is around 10th magnitude.

   The slideshow below has some of the most recent images requested from the OWN telescope. The first three are of the galaxy M-82 with the supernova and the others are some of the other galaxies that were up that night (31 January). These pictures are the unretouched GIF images I received by e-mail and are not the image processed images from the FITS file.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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