October-November – and December 2015 – Multiple Conjunctions

7 October – 15 November

Over a several week period starting around October 15th three planets, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will all be rising ahead of the Sun and the three planets will all fit within the field of view of 7X50 binoculars. On the mornings October 17th and 18th Mars and Jupiter will be about 0.34o apart, about the diameter of the full Moon. Then as Mars and Jupiter pull away from each other Venus moves past Jupiter on the mornings of the 25th and 26th. For the next several days as all three planets move eastward Venus moving faster than Mars, which is moving faster than Jupiter, moves between Jupiter and Mars with the three planets making an interesting arrangement of bright planets. This continues with Venus passing by Mars on the mornings of November 2nd and 3rd.
The movement of the planets is a result of their respective orbits around the Sun as shown in this graphic. Read more about this in a previous post.

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