Lunar Eclipse Sep. 27-28 2015

descending-node   On Sunday September 27th at 21:09 UT (4:09 pm CDT) our Moon will be at its descending node, crossing the plane of the ecliptic moving toward the south. A few hours later, the Moon will be at its closest for this orbit – perigee, and about an hour later the Moon will be at its full Moon phase. This combination can mean only one thing – a ‘super Moon’ total lunar eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

This total lunar eclipse begins early in the evening on Sunday from where I live within the Central Time Zone in the U.S.A., and ends at around midnight my local time. Starting at 7:11 pm CDT the Moon will enter the Earth’s fainter outer shadow, the penumbra and during nearly the next five hours or so the Moon will follow a path taking it across the southern half of the Earth’s darker inner shadow, the umbra in about 3.5 hours. Best viewing for the entire eclipse is more or less centered on the U.S.A. (use the resources links below to see more specific viewing information for your location.)
This total lunar eclipse will be visible from across the entire continental United States and the duration of the eclipse visible from your particular time zone will be determined by your local time for moonrise and moonset. Determining the times for the Moon and Sun to rise and set for that day or any day may be obtained from most local newspapers or from the US Naval Observatory web site.

   This graphic shows the rising Moon at the start of the partial phase, when the leading edge of the Moon makes its first contact with the darker umbral shadow.

Eclipse Stages	               Time: UTC  	Time: CDT
                               Monday 28 Sep.   Sunday 27 Sep.
Penumbral eclipse begins:	00:11:47         6:47 pm
Partial eclipse begins:	        01:07:11         8:07 pm
Total eclipse begins:	        02:11:10         9:11 pm
Maximum eclipse:	        02:47:07         9:47 pm
Total eclipse ends:	        03:23:05        10: 23 pm
Partial eclipse ends:	        04:27:03        11:27 pm
Penumbral eclipse ends:	        05:22:27        00:22 am (28 Sep)

Additional information about this eclipse from Hermit Eclipse, or download this eclipse description from NASA: Total Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse is the 4th of 4 total lunar eclipses that have been visible from the U.S.A. over the past 1.5 years.

Eclipse Pictures around the center of my universe.

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