About the April 15 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse

—-See some of my pictures from the eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

   On 15 April at 7:42 UT (2:42 am CDT) the Moon will be at its full Moon phase and a few hours later, 13:25 UT (8:25 am CDT), will be at its ascending node, crossing the plane of the ecliptic moving toward the north. This combination can mean only one thing – a lunar eclipse.
   Starting around midnight local time the full Moon will enter the Earth’s fainter outer shadow, the penumbra and during nearly the next six hours the Moon will follow a path taking it across the southern half of the Earth’s darker inner shadow, the umbra.
   This total lunar eclipse will be visible from across the entire continental United States and the duration of the eclipse visible from your particular time zone will be determined by your local time for moonset. Determining the times for the Moon and Sun to rise and set for that day or any day may be obtained from local newspapers or from the US Naval Observatory web site.
eclipse-bino   Adding to viewing the lunar eclipse will the bluish-white star Spica in the constellation of Virgo the Harvest Maiden. The two will be separated by less than 2 degrees, allowing them to be seen together in binoculars. And just a few more degrees from the Moon and Spica is the planet Mars, and the 3rd magnitude star Porrima, also in Virgo.

Click on graphic to see it full size.

Click on graphic to see it full size.

   During this total lunar eclipse there are other interesting things to observe in addition to Mars and the star Spica near the eclipsed Moon; Comet 2012 PanSTAARS K1 is at opposition, more or less straight overhead; the Dwarf Planet 1 Ceres is also at opposition; and the summer Milky Way is visible depending on your sky conditions.


Eclipse Stages	                  Time: UTC	Time: CDT
Moon Enters Penumbra	             04:53	   11:53 pm
Moon Enters Umbra	             05:58 	   00:58 am
Moon Completely Within Umbra	     07:06 	   02:06 am 
Mid-Eclipse	                     07:45 	   02:45 am 
Moon Leaves Umbra	             08:24 	   03:24 am 
Moon Completely within Penumbra	     09:33 	   04:33 am 
Moon Leaves Penumbra 	             10:37 	   05:37 am 

   Additional information about this eclipse from NASA GSFC, or download this eclipse description from NASA: Total Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse is the first of 4 total lunar eclipses visible from the U.S.A. over the next 1.5 years.

4jun-lunar_eclipse   I will be in Tucson during the week of the lunar eclipse and will be at one of my favorite sites, on the road going up Mt. Lemmon at Windy Point taking pictures of the eclipse and other things celestial.
Stay tuned.

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