2019 Eclipse Season: Part 1

   Partial Solar Eclipse
   On January 6, 2019, the new Moon will cross the Earth’s orbit, setting up the conditions for a partial solar eclipse. Up to 71% of the Sun will be covered during the eclipse, which will be visible from parts of China, Japan, and Russia.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

Total Lunar Eclipse: 0.1 second = 1 minute

    Total Lunar Eclipse
   On January 20-21, 2019, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in its entirety across most of North America. The full Moon will rise around local time of sunset; however, the eclipse will not be noticeable for a couple of hours until the Moon enters the Earth’s darker umbral shadow, beginning the start of a partial eclipse. Within an hour, the Moon will be within the umbra shadow for about one hour of totality before the Moon exits the umbra, marking the second partial stage of the total lunar eclipse


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