Teacher EarthKAM 2016

earthkam-ani   Welcome to the EarthKAM Teacher Involvement Project, where participants with the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)Science Discussion Board have joined ‘forces’ (yes teachers are a force!) to participate in the Sally Ride EarthKAM Mission #53 July 12th-15th. Participants will make requests for pictures to be taken of the surface of the Earth during day time orbits during the mission week. Pictures are taken with an automated remotely controlled camera on board the International Space Station and basically whatever the ISS passes over during the day time is eligible to have its picture taken.
   Click here to go to the Sally Ride EarthKAM web site for more information.

    Here are some of the pictures from this past week. Each picture’s caption shows the latitude and longitude coordinates for the center of each picture. Each picture has the coordinates that you could copy and then paste into Google Search or Google Maps or Google Earth to see where in the world this picture is located. On Google Earth click on the ‘Earth’ button and then zoom out until you are able to match surface features on both the map and picture. You may need to rotate one or the other to help in matching surface features.


Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for monthly observing information, or here to go to bobs-spaces.