We have had the opportunity to visit this beautiful country several times as we also visited the families of the 3 exchange students we’ve hosted from Ecuador. Following the first visit where my wife and I hiked to nearly 16,000 feet on Volcano Cotopaxi I decided that I would come back and summit this 19,300 foot snow capped mountain. Long story short is that I was not as prepared as I should have been plus I had a ‘bad’ knee that gave out on a climb with our son on Cotopaxi. But the climbing bug had set in so I planned for a return trip of 2 weeks during which time I would train and acclimate for the summit attempt with a guide I had befriended on the previous trip. Following nearly a year of training at my local gym I returned to Ecuador and during the two week period I stayed above 9,000 feet but most of the time was above 12,000 feet. I had 2 successful summits, one high altitude acclimatization climb to 18,120 feet. However I was not successful in the summit attempt on Cotopaxi first due to altitude sickness from the high climb and the water we used for 2 days, then a major snow storm hit the mountain socking it and us in for the rest of the time I had left before returning to Quito and home.

These pictures show just some of Mountains and vistas in the Andes of Ecuador

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