Explore the Solar System

NASA Eyes on the Solar System – 3-D interactive online simulator
Nasa Eyes on the Earth – 3-D interactive online simulator
NASA Eyes on Exoplanets – 3-D interactive online simulator
Solar System Scope – 3-D interactive online simulator
Google Sky – Interactive online simulator
Microsoft World Wide Telescope – Interactive online simulator

J-Mars, J-Earth, and J-Mars for Earth’s Moon
– a Java based Geographic Information System

NASA Mars Trek – examine Mars using data from several lander, rover, and orbiter missions.

Our Solar System 2013 Lithograph Set (Revised September 2013) –
5 Mb PDF32 Mb PDF

Explore the solar system with music by Dark Matter

dsn   Who is talking? See NASA’s web site showing which antenna in the Deep Space Network is currently active and which spacecraft it is communicating with.

    Current Missions

  • ESA Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko–Now in Orbit
    Are We There Yet? — Activities and other stuff related to the mission.
  • NASA MAVEN Mars Orbiter–Now in Orbit
  • India’s MOM Mars Orbiter–Now in Orbit, and on comet surface
  • NASA Dawn mission to Asteroid Vesta and Dwarf Planet Ceres–Now in Orbit at Ceres
  • NASA New Horizons flyby mission to Pluto–Successful flyby on 14 July
  • NASA Juno mission to Jupiter–Arrives July 2016
  • NASA TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite)–Launches June 2018
  • JAXA Hayabusa-2 mission to Asteroid 1999 JU3–Arrives July 2018

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