Birds of Galveston Island

   I like to hike and especially the higher the hike (not me!) the happier I seem to be. Less O2, or something in the way I am wired! I don’t know, but this past week my wife and I were at sea-level while staying in Galveston, Texas. Thus giving me an opportunity for a level, no hill, hike along the shoreline and inland.
   Along the shoreline we encountered mostly Sea Gulls – curious how they stand on one leg.
   From studying the area before we went there allowed me to find Galveston State Park and a series of trails amongst the salt-marsh wetlands about 0.5 miles inland from the shoreline. The state park is a habitat for a variety of land and water animals, but early in the morning there seemed to be more birds than during an afternoon visit.
   Other than the day walking along the shoreline the rest of the days had skies that were mostly overcast with thin clouds giving the sky a whitish bland coloring. All pictures were taken using a Canon T7i DSLR with a 250 mm lens and a variety of lens settings. Pictures have been zoomed in and cropped from their original 6000×4000 size to 1920×1280.
   Salt-marsh wetlands panorama looking toward the southwest


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