Inner Meets Outers – In A Triple Conjunction

   Sunday morning February 28th the innermost planet, Mercury, and two of the ringed outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will be in a triple conjunction as Mercury moves eastward past Saturn and then Jupiter. Mercury will be about 3-4o from Saturn and about 2-3o from Jupiter.
   All three will almost fit within the field of view of binoculars and should make for an interesting contrast in apparent magnitudes however Jupiter (-1.97) far outshines Mercury (0.30) and Saturn (0.71).


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5 thoughts on “Inner Meets Outers – In A Triple Conjunction

  1. Did you see the supposed group of planets in the Martian sky? “Mind you, the picture itself isn’t a hoax!” Plait wrote for Discover Magazine. “It’s just a computer generated image probably meant to represent a real scene. But it got spread around the net, and before you know it people think it’s real.”


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