2020 Jupiter & Saturn Grand Conjunction

   During much of this past year I have been following Jupiter and Saturn as they move toward a very close conjunction on December 21st. I started observing and taking pictures of the two outer planets while they were in the morning skies last spring. Over the course of the ensuing months the pair of planets gradually shifted to the evening skies (due to Earth revolution) and also drew closer together.
   Jupiter is closer to the Sun than Saturn so it moves about 0.082o each day compared with the 0.0340o that Saturn moves each day. As a result Jupiter will catch up with Saturn and put the two in a planetary conjunction, actually a ‘Grand Conjunction’ happening only once every 18-19 years.
   Click here to learn more about this Grand Conjunction.

   The pictures below were taken from a variety of locations near my house, U.S. Highway 50, and a local athletics park, Legacy Park.
   Each of the pictures was taken at different telephoto lens settings so at times the separation, while accurately measured, will look the same in some pictures.

To be continued…
More pictures will be added as I take them.


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