Draconid Meteor Shower

   Wednesday evening October 7th is the peak time for the annual Draconid Meteor Shower. This is not one of the best of the annual meteor showers but with a ZHR (Zenith Hourly Rate) that is variable anything may happen. The most recent outburst was in 2011 however keep in mind the variable ZHR means anywhere from 1 or 2 to maybe ??

   The Draconids are named for the area where the meteors radiate outward from, as are all annual meteor showers. In this case the radiant is located near the head of Draco the Dragon, a circumpolar constellation near the Big and Little Dippers. At this time of year Draco is setting during the evening hours. This animated graphic runs from 7:30-11:30 pm CDT and is set for 1-hour steps. Follow the constellation Draco the Dragon and radiant as they set later during the evening. This should be a good night for seeing some meteors given that the Moon is in the waning gibbous phases and will not rise until after the radiant has set.


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