The Red Object Tour: From Mars to Aldebaran

   Following a close encounter (conjunction) on September 5th-6th with the ‘Red Planet’ Mars our Moon will orbit eastward waning toward last quarter phase on September 9th. On the 9th the Moon will have a not as close encounter with another red celestial object. This being the reddish star Aldebaran, the ‘angry eye’ of Taurus the Bull.
   Aldebaran is at one of the open ends of the v-shaped open star cluster, the Hyades, the shape making up the Bull’s face.

   You can follow the Moon’s changing daily position with the graphic sequence below.


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3 thoughts on “The Red Object Tour: From Mars to Aldebaran

  1. Mars and the Moon made a nice combination. At my locale, the Moon had a orange cast as it rose that made the pair quite pretty, I don’t do photography, but I bet it’s a hard one to capture since the Moon’s so bright.


    • The Moon color was maybe caused by smoke stuff in the atmosphere. And yes it’s a bit of a challenge getting the right setting for two distinctly different brightness. I also try to time pictures like this when the sky is at a brightness that allows for a combination like this one – when the Moon brightness dims somewhat.

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