Following the Arrows

   A few years ago one of my “Scope on the Skies” columns was about the Juno mission to Jupiter, but the focus was more or less about how the Juno spacecraft used solar power as far away as Jupiter, the Planetary Society and their Light Sail project, and a SciFi story by Isaac Asimov. However for me the most interesting part writing the column was learning about large concrete arrows scattered around our country. These turned out to be directional arrows used by pilots in the days of daytime flying and no radar for travel guidance. Arrows later had Beacons with lights, then radio signals were added. Eventually these were replaced with more advanced radios and radar.

   So we loaded the truck, gassed up, and drove from Lee’s Summit, MO southwest across Kansas to near the city of Haysville, KS to find the arrow near there. It was located along a dirt county road and nearly buried in grass and bushes. However the arrow was intact but whatever color it was painted had faded away.
      (37°32’04.7″N 97°25’11.9″W)

   Then we drove further south to near the Oklahoma, Kansas state line to the city of Anthony, KS. A couple of miles west from the city is the Anthony Airport and just off the road near the end of the runway is an Arrow and a Beacon.
      (37°09’06.8″N 98°04’37.0″W)

   Click here to download the ‘Scope’ column about the Arrows.



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