Uranus is Backing Up

July 22nd to December 22nd :  Uranus at 30-day intervals   Well that’s a good to know!
   Saturday August 15nd the outer ringed planet Uranus appears to halt its regular eastward orbital motion and begins moving toward the west, in retrograde motion. Retrograde motion is an apparent motion to the west that any outer planet relative to the Earth appears to do whenever the faster moving Earth passes by. Sort of like passing a car on the highway. You know both vehicles are moving in the same direction but from your perspective it could appear that the other car is moving backward as you go by.
   Regardless, retrograde motion for the outer planets happens at regular intervals as the Earth pass each one. It is always more than a year and always a little further to the east when the retrograde motion begins each time. This is because the outer planet is also moving eastward.
   Mars, another outer planet, begins its retrograde motion next month.

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