Starlink 13 This Morning

   This set of Starlink satellites, number 13, was launched a few days ago, June 13th, and the stream of satellites passed over my location in western Missouri early this morning. The stream, SpaceX’s 9th launch, consisted of 58 Starlink satellites, and 3 SkySat Planet Satellites (Hi-res Earth surface pictures) following a path from the southwest to the northeast. The stream went past the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra the Harp. Apparent magnitude was at least 2nd as they appeared at least as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper (1st – 2nd apparent magnitudes), but not as bright as Vega (0.0 apparent magnitude).
   The two pictures below are time-exposures, and I processed them into black and white and made some contrast adjustments. The camera lens was centered around the ‘Summer Triangle’ and aimed nearly straight overhead toward the west.
   My personal challenge is to find a camera setting or video setting to capture the stream as individual ‘dots’.
Stay tuned!
   Keep up with viewing Starlink, the ISS, and many other satellites by checking with the Heavens Above web site or cellphone App. Note: the link is set for my latitude and longitude. This may be changed to your location at the Heavens Above web site.


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