Holograms in Your Hand – An Unsolicited Review of the Merge Cube

   What to do on a snowed-in morning?? After shoveling the deck, driveway, and sidewalk of course!

   Learn more about the Merge Cube
   The Merge Cube is foam block with what looks like QR Codes on every side. WIth the Merge Cube software or App the device camera will project a 3D image onto the Merge Cube. Rotating the cube shows all sides or views of the object in what looks like a holographic image. So after seeing some posts about the Merge Cube and being the curious type I purchased a 2-pack of the Merge Cube. One for me and one for my granddaughter!

   The software (Apps) is in 2 parts and available for either Android or IOS, and PC or Mac.
   To download from the web site you do not have to commit to the trial. When selected the PC software comes from the Microsoft Store and installed on both my laptop and my desktop PC. The same downloads are available at the Apple Store. The cellphone Apps come from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
Merge Explorer
Merge Object Viewer
Go to this web site for downloads:

The Hubble Space Telescope with the Object Viewer

Merge Cube Experiences (downloads)

   I’m not sure about the pricing for the additional Cube Apps, or objects from the Merge Cube web site. You could subscribe for a cost but there are some free alternatives from making your own to editing other designs to simply downloading.

   So far I have found two websites and a cellphone App for working with 3D images. Both are sources for 3D objects to purchase, download and or create or edit. Both can export objects that work with the Merge Cube.
Sketchfab (online) and PC, Mac, mobile (Android OS and IOS)
Tinkercad (online)

Solar System Viewed with the Explorer

   The Merge Cube is a handheld object so I wondered how it would be used in a group setting – assuming the audience will not be using a 3D viewer – the presenter is the only one ‘equipped’.

   Since the software is installed on my laptop I found out, duh, that it would work using the built-in camera. With that in mind simply hooking up to a projection system allows the audience to see the 3D object. These two screen grab pictures were taken using both programs. The Solar System using the Explorer and HST with Object Viewer. A sort of downside is that your face is part of what is projected as well!!

   Got a Webcam? I still have a couple of these and with a USB connection to my laptop or desktop PC the camera could be used to move around the cube rather then moving the cube in front of the camera. Not quite the same experience but it works!

   This could also work if the presenter is wearing a VR type viewer, either goggles or the cellphone holder type, if it is connected directly to a projection system or to a projection system via a connected PC. With a cellphone this may be using something like Chromecast. Again the audience would see what the presenter sees, but by way of the video projection.

Further Questions??
   Will the Merge Cube work if members of the audience all have 3D viewers but only the presenter is holding the cube?
Could they aim their respective cellphone toward the object and see it as 3D?
Is there a limiting distance between the camera and the merge cube?


Merge Cube with an Ipad tablet

   First thing I noticed is that I needed 3 hands! You have to hold the cube in one hand and then manipulate the image on the screen with the other hand. Trying to hold the cube in the camera field of view while then using your fingers on the other hand to zoom in or out, select labels,etc. at least for me was a challenge. The picture shows a kiddo using a tablet which makes more sense than using a cellphone because the tablet is stationary while a cellphone may not be. I use a mini-tripod for holding my cellphone freeing up my hands for ‘cubeing’.

Individual Users

   If a classroom already has 3D viewers like the Google Cardboard, or other makes, and assuming the kids have a cellphone with the App installed and each one has a Merge Cube then this could make for interesting learning experiences.

   Activity plans are available for download and reading but the few I looked at seemed rather light and were things I would think any Teacher using the Merge Cube would have already thought of doing or asking.

   To me the Merge Cube would be fun and engaging but I think the hologram technology is not quite ready for really good use in the classroom. What I am waiting for is a way to have a group experience where everyone wears a 3D Viewer and sees and hears an avatar, a graphic character or figure, representing each of the participants in the group. Imagine the field trip or classroom extension possibilities as you walk or swim along with your students or the audience.


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