Uranus at Eastern Quadrature – 2019

   Thursday January 23rd the position of the planet Uranus with respect to the Earth and the Sun places this ringed planet at what is called eastern quadrature. Uranus is at a 90 degree angle from the Earth. Think first quarter Moon as that is a fair comparison of the relative positions of the Earth, the Sun, and Uranus – or any outer planet. At this position Uranus follows the Sun across the sky from east to west as the Earth is rotating, meaning that Uranus rises after the Sun and sets after the Sun.

   So, where is Uranus? Look over the southwestern horizon after sunset for the stars making up the constellation of Aries the Ram. In particular look for the brighter star Hamal. About 11-12o down to the left from Hamal is the outer ringed planet Uranus.

   With a 5.78 apparent magnitude Uranus is just bright enough to be seen with binoculars as perhaps a very small dot. In the graphic I have enlarged the planet to make it more easy to see. Uranus is at about the naked-eye limit of visibility (6th magnitude)so it would take extremely dark skies to see it without optical assistance. Off to the right and lower are the four stars making up the familiar “Square of Pegasus” asterism.


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