Where is Jupiter?

   For the past several months the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn have been the brightly shining ‘evening stars’ over the western horizon at sunset. They have recently been joined by the inner planet Venus, but at the same time as Venus has become more prominent each evening Jupiter and Saturn have been setting earlier as they gradually move closer to the horizon at sunset.

   And now Jupiter is no longer in the ‘picture’. So what happened to Jupiter, and will soon happen to Saturn? All solar system objects orbiting the Sun beyond Earth’s orbit move at a slower pace around the Sun than the Earth. The Sun has an apparent motion toward the east which is the same as the Earth’s actual motion. So what happens is that over time the Sun catches up with Jupiter, then Saturn. Eventually the Sun passes them and the planets become visible in the morning skies rising ahead of the Sun.

   At some point along their respective orbital path they will be on the opposite of the Sun from the Earth. This is known as solar conjunction, and that is where Jupiter will officially be on Friday December 27th.


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