Mars – Spica Conjunction

   Saturday morning November 9th the planet Mars will be within about 2-3o from the blue-white star Spica in Virgo the Harvest Maiden. Both will easily fit within the field of view of binoculars.


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2 thoughts on “Mars – Spica Conjunction

  1. Hi Bob – excuse me for hijacking this thread, but I know you keep an eye out for scifi suitable for students. I just reviewed A short novella length space adventure – an interstellar journey in “torpor” to explore four alien worlds. No wars, no murders, no explosions. It’s all about the adventure of discovery and – here’s the best part – it ends with the main character sending questions back to Earth about the value of science and what the team should do next. Perfect. Students could discuss those questions and write their own ending to the story. A downside is that the book is traditionally published, so a bit pricey on Amazon. I don’t know if libraries could get multiple copies reasonably. Cheers

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