Crescent Moon Near Venus and Mercury

   Tuesday evening October 29th a very thin 2-day young waxing crescent Moon will be about 4-5o from the two inner planets Mercury and Venus. All three will easily fit within the field of view of binoculars – however be careful as they are not that far from the setting Sun.

   Over the next several days as the Moon waxes toward first quarter phase the Moon will pass by the Dwarf Planet Ceres and the outer planet Jupiter and then Saturn.


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3 thoughts on “Crescent Moon Near Venus and Mercury

  1. “the setting sun.” I’ve run into a few novels that mention viewing Venus in the middle of the night (from Earth – no scifi excuses.) Just mentioned as background – no plot significance – no reason to get it wrong. Sheesh


    • It could happen, depending on latitude and the time of year, and when Venus is at eastern elongation. Sunset for you and me in the summer is 9ish maybe a little later. So if Venus is at eastern elongation during summer it could be up at midnight since it will be setting 3-4 hours after sunset.
      But do those authors know that or is it ‘poetic license’?

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