Jupiter-Mars Close Conjunction

   If you were outside this morning you may have noticed over the southeastern horizon a bright star like object (Jupiter) just below a reddish star-like object (Mars). Both planets are moving eastward and Mars, as a faster orbiting planet, will gradually catch up and pass the planet Jupiter.
   Saturday and Sunday mornings January 6th-7th the planets Jupiter and Mars will be about 0.20′ (20 minutes) apart as Mars moves past Jupiter. With an apparent magnitude of -1.8 Jupiter far outshines Mars’s apparent magnitude of 1.40. This graphic is set for 7 am CST (12 UT) and the planets Mercury and Saturn are just above the eastern horizon. And further to the west higher over the southern horizon is the 20-day old waning gibbous Moon.
   This animated graphic is set to 1-day intervals starting with today, the 5th, and ending on the 7th. Both Mars and Jupiter are close enough to easily fit within the 25 mm eyepiece of a 6″ Reflector, and should make a great view with binoculars. I’m thinking that with the naked eye the two should almost merge into one, with Mars lost in the glare from Jupiter.


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