Orion Rising, but Not Before Me!

   So what do most people do if they wake up at 2:30 am on a Sunday morning and can’t get back to sleep? Since this is a day off for many it means making an effort to get back to sleep for more time sleeping or staying in bed.
   What did I do?
   I gave up, got up, and let the dogs out (yeah, that answers that question!), and while they were out doing their morning business, albeit much earlier then they normally do, I checked the skies to see if they were clear. They were so then I thought if the skies are clear and I am already up, what can I see or what could I do?
   The result this morning are two versions of using images taken during a time-lapse sequence. The two pictures below are based on a taking 1 picture every minute (3:50 am CDT to 4:52 am CDT) for 61-minutes.
   The star trails picture is of the stars of Orion, and the general area surrounding Orion, rising above the treeline on the southeast side of my backyard. In making the star trails image I purposely skipped a couple of the pictures after the first one. This makes the stars of Orion more distinctive and easier to see. Not sure about the red streak as that was only in one picture.
   As I was aiming the camera and trying settings I happened to catch a few shots of a passing airplane. It’s flashing lights and the ‘always on’ lights make a distinctive pattern. Since these images were taken sort of at the same time, or at least within a a few seconds, it was possible to stack them without showing star trails.
   Camera particulars: Canon Rebel T7i; 18mm; f/4; 4 sec.; ISO-1600


Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for monthly observing information, or here to return to bobs-spaces.

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