ISS This Evening

   This evening, Thursday December 1st, the International Space Station, ISS, did another orbit over my part of the world as it first appeared in the southwest near the setting waxing crescent Moon. It climbed to nearly straight overhead as it passed by the stars of Delphinus the Dolphin, Sagitta the Arrow, and Deneb in the Cygnus the Swan, until it passed out of my camera’s field of view. I continued to watch it cruise past the stars of Cassiopeia the Queen high over the northeast horizon.

   This was my first time for seeing the entire flyover from when the ISS appeared in the southwest until it faded out near Cassiopeia. Pretty cool.
   Camera settings: 21 stacked pictures at 18mm; ISO 1600; f3.5; 3.5 sec; at 2 second intervals.


Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for monthly observing information, or here to return to bobs-spaces.

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