A Martian ‘2fer’

   Saturday November 5th the planet Mars will be involved in two celestial events, however only one will be easily seen while the other would require a telescope or photo equipment.
   As this graphic shows the waxing crescent Moon will be within about 7o from the planet Mars – just a little too far for both to fit within the field of view of binoculars. That 7o is measured from my geographic location so depending on your location and viewing time Mars could be seen as being as close as around 5o from the Moon.
   Mars is also at heliocentric conjunction with the planet Neptune on November 5th. This is when two planets, other than Earth have the same heliocentric longitude. And on the 5th Mars and Neptune will share the same heliocentric longitude of 341.0o.
   Mars shines at an apparent magnitude of 0.41 while Neptune is considerably dimmer with an apparent magnitude of 7.8.


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