Chill Out! We’re Halfway There, Or Are We Halfway After?

   Saturday July 2nd at 0 UT (19 CDT Friday July 1st) the Earth will be at the middle of the year, halfway around the Sun and halfway through the year for this particular orbit. This begins the second half of the year, and July 2nd, the 182nd day of the year, according to some calendars, is also known as Hammock Day. So chill out!
    Coincidentally Earth will be at aphelion, its most distant point from the Sun, on Monday July 4th. This is shortly after the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere, and of course the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere. //Darn that axial tilt//


Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for monthly observing information, or here to go to bobs-spaces.

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