ISS This Morning

Screenshot_2016-03-25-06-42-20   This morning, despite the cold temperature there were exceptionally clear skies and so I had a great view of the International Space Station as it passed nearly directly overhead. It always amazes me how quickly the space station moves. In 10 minutes it traveled from over the North Pacific Ocean near the Aleutian Islands to my location in Missouri. Then about 40 minutes after passing over Missouri the ISS is south of Africa.
   As the ISS approached my location it rose up from the northwest horizon passing the bowl of the Big Dipper. Then as it set toward the southeast the ISS went right down one side of the Summer Triangle asterism passing the stars Vega in Lyra the Harp and Altair in Aquila the Eagle.
   The screen captures are from an App, ISS Onlive, on my cellphone. This App (Android and Apple) shows the current orbit of the ISS and also has options to show a look-down view of the Earth as the ISS orbits.
   The two pictures are a set of stacked pictures all taken with the same camera settings: 18mm; ISO 1600; F4.5; 4 sec.


Caution: Objects viewed with an optical aid are further than they appear.
Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for more observing information for this month.

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