Batter Up!

   Sunday morning, September 6th the waning crescent Moon, just past last quarter phase, will be rising near the feet of the Gemini Twins or as we should say here in the KC Royals baseball zone the Moon is about to get hit out of the park by none other than Orion the Hunter!
   Look down toward the eastern horizon and that very bright appearing star-like object is the planet Venus with an apparent magnitude of -4.5 A few degrees to the east, left, is the considerably dimmer Mars with an apparent magnitude of only 1.7.

   Within about 7o from the Moon, toward the east or left, is the open star cluster M-35. With binoculars M-35 resolves into a fuzzy patch of stars with a combined apparent magnitude of between 5-6. And with my 8″ reflector telescope and a 25mm eyepiece the entire star cluster fits nicely within the field of view with this eyepiece.


Caution: Objects viewed with an optical aid are further than they appear.
Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for more observing information for this month.

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