Comet Lovejoy

   So after waiting for the skies to clear both here in Missouri and during a week in Tucson the sky was finally clear enough last night to see Comet Lovejoy. After my Astronomy class last night a few students stayed late with me outside away from campus lights in front of the ST building. From there they were able to see Jupiter rising in the east, and the stars making up the ‘Winter Hexagon’ asterism as well as the constellations associated with each of the stars. The sky was dark enough so that the Orion Nebula was visible to the naked-eye, however the comet was not visible until I brought out binoculars. Finding it last night and the next few nights should be easy as the comet will be passing a few degrees from the Pleiades.


   Last night (Friday) was another clear one, this time with temperatures in the 40’sF. I was able to take multiple exposures and managed to get the camera focused even when the lens was out to 250mm. The comet was easy to find as it was nearly straight off from the Pleiades. With binoculars it still looked like a fuzzy blob shape.

Caution: Objects viewed with an optical aid are further than they appear.
   Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for more observing information for this month.

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