New Nova

Click on image to see full size

Click on image to see full size

   A new nova (isn’t that redundant??!!) has been discovered near the stars making up the kite-shaped small constellation of Delphinus the Dolphin, and the even smaller Sagitta the Arrow. As of earlier this morning it was reported to have reached 6th magnitude – just within what may be seen with the naked eye in dark skies. It should be visible with binoculars however, and since this is the initial sightings then it may brighten even more.
The nova is within the summer triangle asterism which for us is over the southeastern horizon at sunset. It is located within the area indicated by the red circle.
Current name or desigination is: PNVJ20233073+2046041
Here is a link to Wikipedia with a few more links there:

   Click here to go to the Qué tal in the Current Skies web site for more observing information.

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