Follow the Arc

Follow the Arc

No I’m not Noah and this is not the “Ark”!
Last night I had my first meeting with my Tu/Th evening class and so we went out around 8:30 for a look at the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and other celestial objects bright enough to be seen in the light polluted skies on campus.

So once I pointed out the trio of planets and star, plus the crescent Moon I directed their eyes toward the star Arcturus and then over to the handle of the big Dipper at which point I said those famous words: “Follow the arc to Arcturus and then speed to Spica“. This got their attention so I showed how them to find the North Star and about that time the ISS flew past our location going from north to north east giving us a couple of minutes of viewing.

As the graphic shows the waxing crescent Moon is still near the trio and the arc is still follow-able!

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