Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Flight Through the Universe

Among the many Astronomy resources on the Internet is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey or SDSS. This project is all about mapping the universe and specifically it involves mapping 1/4 of the universe. Data from the survey is available for research by the public as well as scientists and educators.
As a classroom resource this web site offers the opportunity for students and teachers from middle school through college to ask questions, conduct guided research projects, or design their own research projects. This is one of the options I have given to my students in the past as a place to do an independent project.
To see how to use the SDSS web site click here to go to their Start Here page.

There are many videos from the SDSS available on their YouTube Channel, including Flight Through the Universeusing data and imagery from the SDSS catalog, by Mark Subbarao and Miguel Aragon, from Johns Hopkins University and the Adler Planetarium respectively.

Click here to see the same Flight Through the Universe but with some ‘cruise’ music added.

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